Friday, September 7, 2007

Audi TT V6 3.2 Review

Price and equipment

  • Four Star
The flagship TT operates in a pretty stratospheric part of the market when it comes to pricing, but against its elite Euro sports coupe competition it is actually pretty good value. It clearly undercuts equivalent Porsche (Cayman) and Mercedes-Benz (SLK) competition, while managing to offer a pretty decent equipment list that includes leather upholstery and stability control.

Under the bonnet

  • Four Star
The TT's 3.2-litre V6 is a known proposition, but that doesn't mean it's unimpressive. It manages to combine strong acceleration with acceptable fuel economy despite including the weight of an all-wheel drive system. The transmission is Volkswagen Group's dual clutch DSG - or S Tronic in Audi-speak - and it works well in almost all situations. Its only real issue is smoothness at takeoff.

How it drives

  • Three Half Star
Impressively, the second generation TT V6 is actually 30kg lighter than its predecessor, mostly thanks to the increased use of aluminium. It also replaces the old car's torsion beam rear suspension with a multi-link. Both of these initiatives help make the V6 TT that much more enjoyable and responsive to drive. It has a coarse ride and a noticeable level of tyre noise intrusion into the cabin.

Comfort and practicality

  • Three Half Star
By the impractical standards of coupes the TT is actually a stand-out - partly because it is a hatchback. The two rear seats are almost useless for passengers, but fold down to help create 700 litres of luggage space. That's enough to fit a mountain bike with the front wheel removed. The front seats are very comfortable, but storage spaces around the cockpit are not abundant.


So far no word on NCAP independent crash test rating for the TT, but the roadster version of its predecessor gained four stars. Standard equipment includes dual front and front-side airbags, stability control and ABS.

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