Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cool, efficiently

audi tt Cool, efficiently

Audi is not particularly known for producing exciting cars - cool, efficiently clinical yes, thrilling and sexy, no - but the TTV6 is definitely one. Another is this, the fabled Quattro of 1980. The Quattro was really the car that sounded the starting gun for Audi's inexorable rise to the automotive super-league, a journey that has culminated this year with the launch of their Porsche-rivaling A8 supercar. Where previously Audi had been known for producing sturdy, unadventurous saloons for Bonn bank managers, the 1980 Quattro brought the company a new audience and new respect thanks to its dominance of the World Rally Championship for years after. The key to the car's success was its four-wheel drive system which was bolted to an Audi 80 chassis and five-cylinder, 2144cc engine. Four-wheel drive had been used on road cars before, but this system had been developed for military use and within five years virtually every rally car would follow suit. Today, the fact that so many road cars are available with four- wheel drive is largely down to the Quattro.

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